Want to join our family?
We have a chair available!

Marigold has expanded! If you are a stylist interested in becoming a booth renter and part of the Marigold family, call us at 330-485-6054 or email us at infoatmarigold@gmail.com . We look forward to hearing from you!

Who We Are

Marigold is an all inclusive salon, spa, and local marketplace. The Marigold family is passionate about natural wellness, holistic health, and making you feel beautiful inside and out. We are located in the beautiful Sharon Center, Ohio.

Marigold began as a dream project, and thus our team is currently growing. We are seeking individuals who share in our passion and vision. We are looking for independent cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, and the like. Please call or text us at (330) 485-6054 for more information today.

We are now taking clients at our salon and spa.  Salon hours, services, and prices can be found here.  Spa hours, services, and prices can be found here

Our Vision is Our Promise

To create an experience and a space that invites you, inspires you and ignites you. To celebrate our community of artisans by showcasing their talents. To give you ways to enhance more than just your beauty. To continually evolve and renew so that your needs are always being met in life-giving ways. To dedicate our skills to leaving you feel revitalized and nurtured body mind and soul. 


Where beauty, serenity, and community meet.


We are inspired by the Marigold flower.

Marigolds are known as the Herb of the Sun and are symbolic of passion and creativity, and this could not describe our energy more accurately. Marigold Salon, Spa, and Marketplace began as a dream and has evolved into a passion project. We began with just a seed of an idea, because we saw something the community needed: a gathering place to feel invited, inspired, and ignited. Marigold flowers have been known to adapt to a wide range of conditions and can be planted year round, but prefer full sun and rich soils. They grow rapidly, have few problems, and return year after year. Now this is the part where our community comes into play!

Please grow with us, evolve with us, and support us in our mission.